Book Reviews

Business model you

Those familiar with the Business Model Canvas technique, know it as a way to analyze and organize companies, the work they do, and how they do it. Here Tim Clark and company turn the familiar model on us, asking us to look at our lives in a similar way. Through the use of personal vignettes and exercises, readers will come to identify ways to find fulfillment in life and careers. A powerful tool for understanding ourselves and what we want out of life and career.

disrupt yourself

Terrific read from one of my role models, Whitney Johnson. In it she discusses the seven-principle framework of personal disruption, and how, just like in organizations, we can either remain where we are, and risk becoming complacent, or we can actively see to disrupt in ways large and small. This disruption leads to bigger dreams, and greater self-fulfillment and purpose.

the promise to the one

This book is for anyone who may be discontent in life, wondering what’s next and what can they do to make a difference. Jason Hewlett explains how we can live a life of purpose and meaning, by making and keeping our promises to ourselves and to those we hope to influence for good.

The war of art

In this modern classic, Steven Pressfield encourage creatives and those of us driven by ideas to press on in the face of resistance. The first parts of the book identify what resistance is and how it attempts to keep us from pursuing our dreams. The remainder of the work challenges us to just take action, and how resistance is overcome by working hard and putting ourselves out there.

The zookeeper’s secret

This faith-based book is one of my all-time favorites, independent of genre. Professors Jeffrey Thompson and Stuart Bunderson make the argument that most people spend much of their lives worrying that they may or may not have achieved their calling in life, and feeling stuck because of it. But as this book helps show, there are many types of gifts and callings in life, and as we work to understand and pursue those gifts, are careers will unfold in inspired and fulfilling ways. Includes exercises at the end of each chapter, which if done, will help you get closer to discovering them.